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House bill challenges dog hunting laws

Some Virginia landowners believe that the time has come for the state to do away with the long-standing “right to retrieve” law. A bill has ... Read more | Add your comment

A remote view

City uses Prism’s lens to inspect water, sewer lines at St. Regis site Read more | Add your comment

Gun incidents bring up potential worries

When Franklin Police Department spokesman Captain Tim Whitt heard about a pair of gun-related incidents that happened in Franklin, his concern turned toward an issue ... Read more | Add your comment

Panel kills bills to put legal ads online

A legislative subcommittee has defeated two bills that would have allowed local governments to publish legal ads and other public notices on their websites or ... Read more | Add your comment

Another IWCS administrator announces departure

Rashard J. Wright, executive director of K12 Schools, Leadership Development and Alternative Education, has announced his departure from Isle of Wight County Schools, said spokeswoman ... Read more | Add your comment

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